VVR Resupply Service

First Day to pick up a resupply: June 18, 2023
Last day to pick up a resupply: September 30, 2023

Packaging Rules

  1. Your name and Estimated Arrival Date MUST be clearly visible on 4 sides of your package - it helps us store your box properly, and then identify it quickly once you arrive!
  2. You may use either a box, or a 5-gallon bucket to send your package, as long as it doesn't exceed 25 pounds.


c/o VVR - General Delivery
Lakeshore, California 93634


Vermilion Valley Resort
c/o China Peak Landing
62311 Huntington Lake Road
Lakeshore, Ca. 93634

Note: This address IS correct; however, the UPS or Fed-X system will say that it is not. Please have the UPS clerk override the system with this address. It WILL get delivered at this address.

Resupply Handling Fees

There is a $30.00 fee for pickup and storage of each package, collected at the time of your visit. Your unclaimed package can be returned to you for $40.00 plus any postage. Contact us for payment. There is a $20.00 charge PLUS postage per item to mail packages of excess items home from VVR.

Timing your Resupply Package

VVR at Edison Lake is approximately two hours from the nearest U.S. Post Office or the UPS drop point. Because of this we only pickup packages once or twice a week. Keep this in mind when planning your package arrival date. Please ship your package at least 2 weeks ahead of your ETA.

Unclaimed Resupply Boxes

The contents of unclaimed resupply boxes will be placed in the communal hiker boxes, or sold in the store (at our discretion) to offset transportation, handling and storage costs. If for some reason you are unable to pick-up your box and don’t wish to have it returned to you, AND you would like all the contents of your unclaimed box to go into the hiker barrel, simply contact us, pay the processing fee, and we will gladly put all the contents into the hiker boxes.