Hike to VVR

The dam at Lake Thomas Edison

For North Bound PCT/JMT Hikers

Simply use the Bear Ridge Trail, (5.7 miles trail to dam); walk directly on top of dam, concrete to the end where it meets the shoreline, just go straight, the tree-line will be on your left. You will walk past the boat ramp which will be high and dry and just follow the tire tracks straight to VVR. From the end of the dam about 1.5 miles.

For South Bound PCT/JMT Hikers

About a mile before you reach Silver Pass there will be a cut-off trail to Goodale Pass, this is a great alternative to going over Silver Pass and then around the Lake to VVR. Not only will it save you 2.6 miles in distance but will save you the up and down elevation loss/gain grunt around the lake. Walking through Graveyard Meadows is very beautiful too. (We locals prefer this pass to Silver)

Note: If you end up at the back of the lake where our ferry landing is: You can hike directly along the lake trail to the resort; mileage from the water taxi landing to the lodge is 4.8 miles.